We at Three Bells Maintenance Ltd implement the safest and latest equipment to ensure an efficient cleaning service each and every time. We offer you a detailed window washing including:

  • Outdoor window cleaning – performed with a water-fed extension pole system and purified water, that reaches up to 4 storeys high
  • Indoor window cleaning – manual, chemical-free cleanup with a squeegee and special detergents

Our window cleaning services are appropriate for cleaning conservatories, skylights, glass roofs, facades, velux, french doors, small and big bay windows, sash windows.

The exterior window washing is a complex process. The water purification happens in a tank in the cleaners’ van, from where it is pumped up the water-fed pole, all the way to the brush head. After thorough washing of all glass surfaces, the pole is lifted and the window is given a last rinse without brushing. After the procedure, the glass is left to dry naturally on air.

The purified water sterilises the whole windows and frames, removes all previously used chemicals and leaves no streaks and residue. It leaves a protective layer over the glass which prevents from dust to gather and you’ll have clean windows for longer.

In addition, the professional window cleaners can take care of your inside windows as well, using the traditional method – a squeegee and solution of water and non-toxic detergents. A ladder is nearby in case it is needed.

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